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You are probably correct about political correctness. While I don't advocate saying hurtful things, glossing over the facts of history to suit 'modern sensitivities' is to obfuscate how things actually were and, in turn, belittle the progress towards making things better. In past centuries it was the norm to raise statues to 'great' leaders and 'victories'. Should we pull those statues down as we now understand the negative side of their achievements or leave them up and modify their meaning as a lesson about the follies of ambition, intolerance and war? How do we learn from our 'mistakes'? I don't know the answer; I'm just a privileged white guy with an opinion.

The term 'jazz' was probably coined by a white guy; Duke Ellington just called it 'Negro music'. Should we revert to that? The word 'Dixie' certainly has Confederate, white connotations; should we rename Dixieland music? I think it is more important to remember where we came from than to try to create a sanitized future - how else will we learn from our mistakes? Well, this is starting to verge on political...let's leave it at an acknowledgement that Darktown was an historical area of New Orleans, where much of jazz was born...New Orleans has given us so much...Dixieland, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Wynton Marsalis to name but a few. In my opinion, jazz is the greatest gift that America has given the world and I celebrate that gift when I listen to Darktown Strutters Ball, Mahogany Hall Stomp and many more. I hope this is not hurtful to anyone reading this.
Duke Ellington was at my house as a kid. He used the word Jazz and Swing then, but this was late 60's.

My father was a Big band leader, he called it Swing. Jazz was a term confined to bands smaller than 12 pieces. At 18 pieces you have a big band and Swing.