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You are probably correct about political correctness. While I don't advocate saying hurtful things, glossing over the facts of history to suit 'modern sensitivities' is to obfuscate how things actually were and, in turn, belittle the progress towards making things better.
So where do think we should draw the line...because we rcertainly can't have it both ways. It would be the height of hypocrisy and selfishness to cry political correctness when someone is offended by the things we say, or do.

The term 'jazz' was probably coined by a white guy; Duke Ellington just called it 'Negro music'. Should we revert to that? The word 'Dixie' certainly has Confederate, white connotations; should we rename Dixieland music? I think it is more important to remember where we came from than to try to create a sanitized future - how else will we learn from our mistakes?
Wow....Duke Ellington neither coined the term and he certainly didn't he use it maliciously, and lets not forget that this was the "sanitized" version of the REAL name give to the music that was created by African American musicians back in that period.

It really sad that after all we know we're still debating why some things are not really cool...