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Cool, I'm going to check them out.

I forgot to mention that I listen to Spotify with normalization off and "very high" setting (320kbps). If anyone is listening with the standard settings, the differences might be less or unnoticeable. That said, the 24b version is streaming with a higher res sound in every way: a bit louder, more dynamic, smoother, and more depth. These are trope terms, sure, but there is just a general "this one sounds better" thing happening that is most likely attributable to me hearing it with slightly less of Spotify's auto-filtering. My guess is that for most people it won't make a difference, but for a small group there's a clear difference when A/B'ing. If anyone has the option to upload 24-bit, just do it and you're good. If you're not sure whether to replace tracks that have already gotten playlisted a bunch and you don't want to start from scratch, don't worry about it. BTW, I would've dug your tunes in either form, just dig the 24b one more in comparison.