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Help! L-Shaped room Acoustic treatment

Hey Guys,

I did a lot of research in the forums but couldn't find a proper answer to some of my questions.

I've been trying and learning to mix my own music for a year now (I use headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro) but after trying to mix my first track for the 5th time from scratch, when I play it back on other systems, it doesn't translate well, whether the Bass is too high or too quiet, the midrange is super high, and on some systems, it sounds muddy.

I realize that mixing with headphones is a terrible way of doing the job, so I decided to treat the room, buy a pair of studio monitors (Planing to buy Focal Alpha 65) and move on.

I plan to make some DIY acoustic panels and Bass traps with only Rockwool Comfortboard 80 (each bat is 1.5" thick) and Roxul Safe 'n' Sound 24" (each bat is 3" thick).

My problem is that the only place that I can work in is our living room (I attached the floor plan with all the details) and it's an L-shaped apartment. So with this shape, size and all the windows around me, I have no idea how thick should my Bass Traps and absorbers be, what to do with the windows and which part of the walls should be my focus?

I thought about making 8" thick bass traps with 2 layers of Roxul and one layer of Comfortboard to absorb as much as low frequencies as possible, is that too much?

if I make side panels, rear wall panels and clouds with the same thickness or 6" wouldn't it be better? cause it actually absorbs low frequencies as well? Or 4" is enough?

it's noteworthy that Ceiling height is 7'10"

Thank you everyone in advance for your help, appreciate it
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