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Old 22nd August 2007
Help me understand Conversion A/D D/A

Okay....I hate to ask such a lengthy series of questions but, this seems to be the most complex and most debated part of digital audio chains..."conversion." First off I believe I have an intermediate understanding of what converters are supposed to do, optimize and translate the wave form into binary with the least amount of error...ect, but I find myself increasingly confused on to determine my need and how to properly configure an a/d converter and or a d/a converter into my chain. for instance: currently my chain is chain goes mic>pre>comp>delta 1010 I asume my A/D converter would go right before the delta 1010....or should I just get a word clock and use the A/D coverters in the delta, or should I get the delta modded, or should I get a word clock to go into the converter and then go into the delta, or should I bypass the delta's analog input and use S/PDIF via wordclock>A/D converter???!!!....the possibilities go on. Can you understand why I'm confused? I currently do all my mixing itb, but I'm considering (maybe) using outboard gear in my future mixes (compression) so do I even need a D/A converter? Even with all those questions anwsered then comes the next challenge: What to buy?! Apogee (Rosetta, Minime?) BigBen Aurora (Lynx)? What?!!

So simply put: what chain will be most benificial? How the hell would I put it together? and which units?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance to all those who dare to read.......PEACE!!