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Track sounds good. And if the title makes you uncomfortable, swap in "gonad" or "testicle."

On the topic itself, this is a jazz standard we're talking about. Renaming it is about as jazz as you can get, but it needs to at least keep the gist. You could just call it the Strutters Ball, everyone can strut.

Right now we're going through a phase of intense sensitivity and historical revisionism, for you as a performer it's important to connect with your audience rather than alienate them. What will come across to an audience is your intent, so if you are uncomfortable with or defensive of the title of a song that will come over, if you're just a good natured musician passing over the titles without even thinking about them or you're really not worried about the content then chances are the audience won't worry about it either, it'll not be highlighted for them. Trouble is at this point you've already thought about this stuff. Your call, but I'd make your own life as easy as possible.