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Ha! I think you’re smoking that “it’s new, it’s new it’s new!”, it really isn’t special when compared to it’s competition. Sorry if you don’t want to hear that. Peace ✌️
Extrapolate much?

I said:
1) it sounds better than the denise audio reverb to me
2) it has some UI issues
3) it's worth trying out for the $50 intro price but that $100 would be a tough sell

Now that I've tried it out for more than a few minutes:
1) It sounds good for $50, but I'd still pick Valhalla(s) first - I wouldn't pay $100 at this point
2) It's a little too metallic in tone for my tastes, but I like the available controls and it does sound pretty smooth and rich
3) I'm interested in what the future brings in terms of updates etc - I'd potentially demo it again
4) I'm not purchasing it at this time