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It sounds good. Definitely better than the Denise Audio one - not sure what you're smokin'

It's maybe not "natural" sounding, but that might be good for synths like I'm trying it out on. At $50 intro it might be worth picking up. It's absolutely worth trying out.

At $100... well... that competition is even tougher.

My one immediate complaint is that the UI is "ok" in size, but really needs to be resizeable. It's 2020. Second is also about the UI, in that it's not going to win ease-of-use awards, though it is reasonably well-featured. OK. A 3rd issue is that making adjustments in the UI can cause noise.

So far it's sounding pretty good on my OB-6 on "Drum Hall" with 14% mix instead of the default 5%.
Ha! I think you’re smoking that “it’s new, it’s new it’s new!”, it really isn’t special when compared to it’s competition. Sorry if you don’t want to hear that. Peace ✌️