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I will Keep a Copy of PT around ... until Logic Figures out how to Properly and Easily Split an Interleaved File to Dual Mono ... Why you ask ?? i had a somg the other day ... older Folk tune i wanted the left side of ONLY .. because the Drum groove was there and clean enough to Sample and make a Loop and Write with it !!

you have to convert a file in Audio Files, and do it to a new file .. or two new files labelled .L and .R ... well it did that and when i play the Mono file it is fine .. but everytime i bring it back into Logic, whether i cahnge the Name, remove the .R .... nothing works, logic still sees it as a stereo file ... i can PAN to the right side (in this case right side) only hear what i want ... but you cannot make an APPLE Loop out of that ... it still references the Stereo File !! sorry, did not mean to Rant ... but in PT it takes One Key Stroke !! Split to Mono ... DONE !!! why so hard Logic, Why !! haha

i think you can list your For Sale item but you have to have a few more Posts under your Belt .. maybe ... this is good exorsure here though !!

good luck ..
Get Snapper from Audioease - a $50 utility, you can split a WAV to dual mono or interleave a WAV from it's component LR files from finder!