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Old 3rd February 2020
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Very interesting. Right now I am sitting on a track that has some real handclaps functioning as a significant snare. Tonight my aim was to give them some room without flushing them into reverb too much. Just a little to make them stand out.

I then took the time to make a shoot-out with all the reverb-plugins I have. I ended up with a combination of SPL De-Verb (to get rid of the room sound of the claps in order to have them really dry), the Schoeps Mono Upmix and Unfiltered Audios Byome using the "Drum Chamber Verb"-preset.

It sounded nice to me so I moved on. Half an hour later I saw this posting here and downloaded the trial of the Wet Reverbator. Added it to the existing chain by using the "Bright Snare"-preset and yeah ... that step made it go from nice to yeah in the way I originally wanted the claps to sound.