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Here for the gear

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i had a 4-channel box with a sterling modular plan B desk for it. worked great. my only complaint about it, and one of my few complaints with the box, is that the box *is* tall and i had to have my computer monitor (iMac) a little too far away. clients thought i was crazy, too.. "how can you see that!?!". if API made the angle on the box a little lower the computer could sit closer.

anyway, my point is, don't underestimate how far away a computer screen has to be with the box.. taking into consideration speaker placement and interference. i could have the iMac closer and higher but it would interfere too much with my monitors.
I have been considering those very issues. Thank you for your feedback! I agree that the Box should sit lower. Bring that back ridge down.

Just yesterday I considered that very issue of the video monitor causing speaker interference. Now I'm considering using a very large monitor and mounting it on the wall. How else can you really avoid this issue? It really is a challenge.

Thank you again!