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Old 1st February 2020
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I'm surprised they didn't specify the exact mic or at least type of mic since they specified the distance and height. Kind of odd.
They didn't specify the type or size of the room either.

They are simply trying to up the likelihood that the recording presents a clear picture of the player, and to some degree the violin they are playing. When everyone's playing is well up to snuff, the decision can come down to the violin being played and whether it will be the best fit in the violin section, as played by the player. So, all other things being equal the violin is auditioning as well.

Pretty much anyone can put a mic just so. Having further requirements begins to put some at a possible disadvantage and could conceivably narrow the field unnecessarily.

I thought it was a good audition tape. Her spiccato scruffed out a bit at one point. Whether that will be her downfall I don't know, but the required micing certainly exposed it. Those are the mechanics that they absolutely do want to hear.

I'm no recording engineer by any means. I did play for orchestras for about 25 years and have been on both sides of the curtain as far as auditions go, (though I never had to audition via a recording or hear recorded submissions).

With little to go on but "wrong" I've given this and my previous post some fair amount of thought. Not seeing it. Wrong I may be though, and if anyone thinks so perhaps they could be so kind as to tell me how.