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Hope y'all don't mind my 3 cents here heh

I started on paino at a yound age, and got into guitar in my teens. Am still in search of "THAT tone." I have come close, and have been happy with "rigs" I have owned over the years.

I had a live rig that was incredible, and contained some of the most awful components, reputation-wise.
It started with a Peavy Audttion Chorus. Little 2-8" combo for practicing. I loved the sound it got, and decided to utilize the "pre out" on it. I love having a decent "sculpting" arsenal, and instead of using a boatload of pedals, I opted for an ART SGX Express + the X-10 foot controller. The two "wah/volume" type pedals, plus banking/patch buttons were a dream come true.
Instead of grabbing a tube power amp, I grabbed a Peavy M2600 stereo power amp. Stereo out from SGX into M2600.
Last thing to find was a pair of 4x12 cabs.
I found an empty Dean Markley 4x12 in beautiful shape.
I had a friend help me to copy the DM 4x12 and build a second.
Originally, I loaded the DM 4x12 with EV's. Tried Celestions. Then, as an experiment, I threw 4 Peavy Black Widow's in the second cab.
I ended up preferring the second cab.
While helping a friend who did coin-op machine maint, he brought in a juke box that had been trashed up top. I saw what looked like two 12" speakers in the thing, and after checking, found they were *rated* as 300w speakers.
Threw the two of those in the Dean Markley, and then took two fo the Black Widows and threw them in as well.
I cannot count the number of musiciabs that came up to me after gigs to ask WTH I was using!
Still have the rig today, still my fav.

But, still cannot get rid of the "urge" to find more, and.or better!
Legacy head and 4x12: Love it!
Mesa Triaxis + 2:Ninety- love it!

Still trying to find the magical pre/mic combo...
next stop: TG-2 + Royer + unknown room mic...

oh- prog rock/metal head here heh