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Old 31st January 2020
Here for the gear

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I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I think I may have just gotten a variant of this scam:

"I want you to help me Record songs for my 6 new artists and i will like you to know am out of the state for a business trip and i want to get this done before my arrival, so let me know if you can handle this for me perfectly, thanks"
Just got this exact verbiage in an email today. The guy carried on all morning via email but would never answer my questions exactly. Finally I told him to just call me. Amazingly he did, but the conversation was interrupted by so much noise on his end of the call that we accomplished nothing. So then he emails again saying that there must be network problems on his end and he would prefer to just text. When I asked him what dates he was interested in booking he first said the 30th of February, then later he said the 30th of January, which was yesterday... it went on and on. I finally told him that I couldn't help with his project.