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I'm in a weird spot in the stand department too, maybe you guys know of a product that could help me.

I'm trying to put this next to my seated position in my studio vs in my main synth rack area -- that area is currently occupied by a Moog Matriarch (roughly same width as the arp) and then my fender deluxe sits on a shelf above and behind that.

As it's a primary midi controller for my rig and the Arp's keyboard has no velocity/sustain, I need the matriarch to remain lowest and closest to me, and i somehow want to put the 2600 just above and back slightly, but not so far back

I was thinking a Jaspers 4-tier with the 3rd tier removed to accommodate the 20" height of the Arp on tier 2, but i'm not convinced the top tier would safely hold a guitar amp even if using a strengthening bar flat. Maybe it would tho? Maybe there's a better way? Would love advice from anyone!

Studio ergonomics... THE HOLY GRAIL ammirite?