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Old 30th January 2020
Here for the gear

I work nights running digital printing presses and happened to be cruising around youtube when the first couple of videos hit pre-NAMM.

I went home at 4am and got one from Sweetwater after deliberating the rest of my shift whether I needed one and if it was a wise purchase. Ship is mid feb to early March and I am confirmed in first 30 orders.

I knew it would likely sell out quick and that there would be a long wait for restock, but I had no idea it would be as limited as it's starting to appear.

As far as a stand, I think I'm going to put the flight case up against a wall with the 2600 on top of that and then use an x-stand in front for the keyboard. I have to do something with the case anyways.

I also bought a 1601 sequencer pcb/panel/parts kit from Synthcube that will arrive here this week to keep the Arp happy. No idea where that will go yet.