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Old 30th January 2020
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I'm also in Canada. Do we know for certain that the number we saw in the previous KARP 2600 thread was accurate? 20 allocated to Canada.
Anyways, I found out about this 2600 late- over a week after the initial announcement-, but somehow was able to lock down one of the alleged 20 for 100% certain.
Called the shop I always go to for all my synth needs who at that point had a list of 15+ at that point, but were only getting a guaranteed eight, seven of which I was told already had money down on them, and that if I could put the money down, I would be promised one. Needless to say, I've never whooped out my credit card fast enough. I feel very fortunate, especially considering how few Canada got and how late I found out about it. A 2600 has always been an absolute dream/pinnacle synth and this will be a lovely piece to help rebuild my synth collection, all of which I had to sell off a couple years ago. Really can't wait. And fwiw, while they wouldn't give me a date, when I asked "will it be sometime in late spring?" the guy said it'll be much sooner.