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The photo is actually of me doing what I do all day long (and probably you too)...staring at a computer monitor. It was a candid taken during the DigiWorld tour. I was in the Netherlands @ the time. Really fun tour. More than a month all around Europe. Lot's of time to sight see, a lot of really beautiful cities, including yours. Had a great time with Jules while I was there. He's got a gorgeous studio. Got to hear his engineering first hand. He really gets great sounds.


I can't explain the odd dip you had. Was it in the bounced file or you heard it only during the bounce?

Regarding mastering, I would really leave it to the step after. I recommend that you should always have an un-mastered copy of every mix you do. As far as plug-ins I really leave mastering to the pros, but as I said in the mastering thread Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound sometimes uses Waves Linear Phase Multiband as his sole compressor/limiter when mastering. That's a pretty good endorsement.