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Old 29th January 2020
Here for the gear

Your concern is understandable, but it turns out not to be true when you factor in your distance from the screen when working with the mouse tray extended the full 12” out.

Quick summary overview (see details below):
  • Distance between your eyeballs and the screen: 55"
  • Horizontal line between your eyes and the screen: 6” above the bottom edge of the monitor.
  • Mouse tray at a very comfortable height.

Now the details:

Workstation Component Heights:
  • I’m 5’9”. Underside of the piano tray will be 22” from the floor. (Keeping in mind it has the cut out, allowing more leg room. The tray could actually go down to 21.5”, but I’m being conservative).
  • Tray thickness: 1”
  • Top of piano tray: 23”
  • Piano shelf height: 4” (I’m choosing to go with a reasonably low profile midi controller, as opposed to my vintage EPS sampler which is a mild clunker.)
  • Bottom of mouse tray: 27”
  • Surface of mouse tray: 28”
  • Mouse tray shelf height: 3”
  • Bottom of desk top: 31”
  • Top surface of desk top: 32.5” (assuming 1.5” thick desk top)
  • Height of the back edge of the API Box: 13” + 32.5” = 45.5”
  • Height of the bottom edge of my video monitor screen: 46” (I will position it directly behind the back top edge of the console with essentially no bevel showing).

Next: Widths and Depths:
  • Depth of API The Box 2: 26.4”
  • Depth of Workstation Desk (e.g., AZ’s Elite Sit-Stand Studio Desk): 31.5”
  • Depth of front edge cutout in the desktop: 5”
  • Room left over for depth for console: 31.5” minus 5” = 26.5”
  • Change desktop depth to 35” to allow 4” for video monitor mounting clamp. The monitor will sit directly above the top back edge of the console. Added bonus of a deeper desk is you can achieve greater spread of your monitors.
  • Distance from front edge of desk (not the recessed, edge, but the furthest protruding side edges of the desk) to the video monitor: 35.5”
  • Mouse tray extends 12”
  • Distance from front edge of extended mouse tray to video monitor: 35.5” + 12” = 47.5”
  • Distance between your eyes and the monitor: 55”
  • With my chair in its heighest position (not very high) of 20” seat surface height, the mouse tray at the same height of 28” (comfortable position to work on a keyboard and mouse, btw), the horizontal line height from my eyes to the monitor: 50”
  • So my eyes are 4” above the bottom of the screen. Sitting at a distance of 55” from a (32”) monitor.
  • And this is a motorized Sit-Stand workstation: you have room with your chair at it's highest setting to lower the workstation 2" with the press of a preset button. Your eyes are now 6" above the bottom of the screen. Super comfortable screen viewing position.

I think this is a reasonable viewing angle when working with the mouse tray fully extended out. I’m open to feedback, please. Thanks.