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Old 29th January 2020
Here for the gear

Schoeps MK 2h vs Sennheiser MKH 8020 Vs Telefunken M60 on Cello

Hello All,

I recently picked up the new master stereo set offered by Telefunken on the new SDC FET series the M60's, I had a cello session that night and after we packed up most of the mics I decided to put the M60's to the test up against some Schoeps MK 2h's and MKH 8020's. Now I must apologize for a slightly unscientific test as I used different preamps (the MKH's ran through a Millennia HV 3 while the rest of the mics ran through the mic inputs of a Apogee Symphony io (there were reasons for this but basically it would have been a major inconvenience to re-route stuff... (perhaps soon I shall do a new test with piano using all millennia pre's) but here are the 3 audio files, Right now I'll upload them with just a descriptor name so that you all can discuss and debate which is which!
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