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I have KH120s on my desk, Harbeth Compact 7s and P3ESRs in my reference systems. Those Harbeths pull off the neat trick of being HONEST and also pleasant to listen to for hours. I believe the P3ESR is similar to the Spendor A1, at least in concept. I love the BBC inspired speakers.

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So I got some new speakers for my home system (Spendor A1) and they are supplemented with a sub. Over the last few months I have been noticing that certain recordings sounds REAL bad on them. But also that certain recordings sounds real good on them.... wait a minute... how could this be when everything sounds good on my Neumann KH120's???

Well now I know what is meant by truly revealing monitors. I can even tell on the same CD when they used a different studio to record different cuts without listening carefully - it is just that dramatic.

I am unsure if some of the things I hear are choices made by mix engineers or if they were unaware of the glaring flies in the ointment because their room just didn't reflect them.
I know one thing - they do NOT forgive.