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Hi Steve - just now realized you are here in Salem. What venue is this, and who’s performing? In this case, I think the MS pair may have picked a bit too much ambient noise, clinking etc, and you might have been better served with a directional pair - ORTF or NOS cards maybe. Otherwise, the balance is good and the vocals are nicely captured. Doesn’t sound like you really need the piano spots. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks for the comments, Jim. The vocalists are local members of a family with a local accompanist. While they gave themselves a name, I think it was mostly tongue-in-cheek, though as you can hear they're quite serious about singing. The venue was the UUC church on the east edge of town.

I've recorded there twice, the first time using pairs of cards and omnis, respectively, loosely reminiscent of your Boojum/Norman array. While the result was better than satisfactory, either of those pairs captured more of the undesirable sonic signature of the church than the recording I posted above. Plus, I just got my MKH30 and MKH40, so I had to use them, right, right?

The ambient noises, such as clinking, are the performers walking about whilst handling a coffee pot and mugs directly in front of the mics. (Also, traffic intrusions from an adjacent intersection were unavoidable!) If you watch any performance of the Coffee Cantata on YT, you'll see what I mean. Much mirth and merriment, though that's impossible to tell from an audio recording alone.