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Originally Posted by Roll Tape View Post
Solid car, nice lines and top shelf engineering,... congrats and enjoy the new ride.
Thanks. It's certainly a nice car by my standards at least, but has a few quirks..... such as having a B&O sound system, but no support for lossless files via it's USB or SD slots. A workaround is using my Pioneer High Resolution audio player through the aux in, but as the centre armrest is permanently open around the sides, I would need to disconnect and reconnect every time I park and return, as whatever is in there is visible to potential chance thieves.

CD/DVD slot is in the glove box, so no easy way to change discs

No sunglasses compartment either.

Apart from those things though, i'm pretty happy.

Edit: Actually, i've just found out this evening that it does play lossless files despite reading somewhere that it doesn't, so something I should have checked much earlier