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Here for the gear

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As I said in the 1st comment the 305s were my first option, but being rear-ported through me off because my space is limited and they had to sit fairly close to the wall. The JBL community advised me that chances are it won't bother me, but I didn't want to gamble as sending back would had cost me almost the price difference between the 5s and the 305s, so I decided for the Golds. I never heard the JBLs, I'd be very curious to compare them, but as you, I'm happy with what I already got so all good.

The JBL guys were probably right. As long as you keep a few cm-s distance from the wall you'll be fine. Bass frequencies will be affected by the wall about the same amount, front-ported or not (technically there is a difference, but it is nowhere near what people sometimes make it seem to be). Genelec's speaker placement suggestions are a really good reference.

Anyhow, front-ported is still nice and if you like them, more power to you.
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