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Here for the gear

Originally Posted by AndreiPiatra View Post's debatable, but I'd be speculating to make an assumption. However, keep in mind that Jaguar it's owned by an Indian company, and they kept their identity pretty well. Same with Volvo, owned by a Chinese company, and Volvo is pretty solid as it always was, even though Chinese cars are a joke. So, perhaps Behringer is intelligent enough to let a company like Tannoy have its natural course. I mean what would be the point to buy Tannoy if you want to sell a Behringer? You already have Behringer for Behringer products. But again, I'm speculating, I have no idea what's going on at this level.
Me neither and that definitely doesn't mean the product can't be good. I wonder if it will be better than JBL 305s. Those are still the best I've heard in that price range.