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Here for the gear

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If you're happy, that's all it matters. This are tools, and if tools do what they're supposed to do it's great.

Yeah, the Golds look pretty solid, I guess Tannoy felt the need of a come back after so many years where they were happy to make a living out of the brand they once were, and people kinda forgot about them. I mean...they were there, but not really, newer brands with cheap engineered and manufactured products were far more interesting for the public than what Tannoy had to offer, so they had to do something and break the ice, and they did with this series. They are probably not looking to make a great profit out of the Golds, but out of future products due to its increased visibility...something similar of what happened with the Bugatti Veyron where Bugatti simply looked for increased visibility, even though they were making 0 profit from the sales of the Veyron model.
Yep. Though I'm pretty sure they are quite profitable as it's Behringer group that owns Tannoy brand nowadays. They keep their manufacturing costs very low.