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1) it does the rhythmic thing only in solo or even when no channels are in solo?

2) the rhythmic noise is a thump or a pop or some other sound?

My gut is a channel solo is not fully disengaging and intermittently popping. Engaged it appears to work fine. This would explain why the direct outs of other channels are not effected and also the studio monitors. Have you monitored out of the mains? Only the control room monitors are effected by the solo function in most SC designs I’m familiar with so both the mains and the studio monitors should not be affected. I suspect the main meters are jumping also because it’s going in and out of solo. Yes? No? I’d start unplugging one module at a time until it stops to find the faulty module. That’s if my theory sounds plausible to you. I can have my console apart and back together again in an hour. I hot swap but I’m not advising that. There’s a risk.