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I told everyone 8 years ago THIS STEM THING IS B.S! They are amassing all the building blocks they need to REPLACE US and let the editor "construct" the cues himself. Out of the raw materials we gave them, Someone needs to have stem usage officially investigated, I am willing to bet they are Illegally splicing cues together already and collecting the backend themselves.
Terrible.Dee... Meet Source Audio watermarking technology... SA Detect, Meet Terrible.Dee

We watermark all of the stems and mixes for several catalogs we release. We can track every use of every stem on almost every broadcast network in the US so long as clients use 1.5 seconds of it. It works really well.

if you are turning in stems directly to Discovery for their own internal catalog, then you should sign up and watermark the files yourself before delivering them.

From what I have seen, referencing the detected watermarks for stem tracks vs the PRO royalty statements... pretty much every network lists a stem use as a use of the main mix on cue sheets. the PROs pay the same regardless of whether it was a stem used or a main mix.