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Im looking for a Grottbox (NS10, Mixcube etc). Im running HEDD 20s as my main monitors (3ways) and am looking for a 2way to switch to during mixing sessions. Thing is from your description these Tannoys appear to be too good for my purpose Im really looking for a "If my mix sounds good on these (rubbish speakers) it will sound good on any system" type of speaker.
The NS10 aren't really in that category though, and it's debatable whether speakers like Auratones are either. They're actually quite good speakers for what they are and far from "rubbish".

Just throwing that out there because it's a bit of a different principle at play I would say. If you want to check mixes on more systems then NS10s are fine and so are Auratones even though they're different from each other. I think the worse, or the more 'rubbish' the speakers are, the less they actually tell you and the more of them you'll need to cover your bases.