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Maybe I was misunderstood, but from my own experience, music that comes to me out of the blue, is 99.9% of my output.
Nothing comes out of the blue! There isn't some existential force-field pervading the universe containing creativity that one taps into.

You hear things. Your brain files them away. You make music based on your past, your memories, the physicality of your instrument.

It's not theft (usually) it's literally how 'culture' works. Layers upon layers of semiotics and interaction with these learnt signifiers from birth.

ie. This hand gesture means X in France but Y in Thailand.

No one ever walked out of the remote Amazon never before communicating with the outside world playing Japanese traditional music.

We're all standing on the shoulders of giants. Even the most fresh, revolutionary records of all times are built on existing creative work. The Greats take other peoples old ideas and twist and manipulate and mutate them.