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To finally sum this up:

SSL sent me a new PSU. The distortion decreased and some of the low end peaks are gone completely.
They said the old PSU „measured like a faulty PSU“ whereas the new one measured as expected. However, both PSUs met the specs. This is as specific as they would get. I asked them for measurements of their golden unit, but they don‘t give measurements out to the public.
I want to give a shoutout to SSLs support team! They have been very helpful and never tried to just get rid of me.

Now the juicy part, does it sound different? YES! The whole desk sounds different. To me the old PSU feels more forward and the new one more smooth. I joked around that I now have an E and a G PSU

I recorded a quick Reason drum loop „through“ both PSUs and will add the files when I get back home next weekend. I will also add the final measurements.


PS: I still would be greatful if someone could measure his/her channel comp. Just put a 400 Hz sine through the channel comp and measure the return of the desk with something like SPAN.

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