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It’s proven that people become smarter when exposed to music education.
I don´t say you are wrong, but it´s not proven! as far as I know those studies failed to be reproduced and don´t count as scientific proof therefore.
basically everything that makes your brain "work out" makes you "smarter". music on the contrary is less effective in this than other things, eg playing chess. in fact it couldn´t even be "proven" by scientific standards that there is a benefit of musical education (also instrument playing) for the "smartness", whereas it could be proven without a doubt for other activities of the brain (eg chess). but what does "smart" mean anyway. there are certainly different forms of smartness
music doesn´t make you smarter imo, but it makes you wiser and more aware - but that´s of course difficult to prove (if possible to proof at all).
just read about that, sorry for trying to be a smart ass, but my alarm bells are going on everytime people mention "something is proven"

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