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The BBC used Spendor, the WDR (Westdeutsche Rundfunk) did have special models (A45) imported by PĆ¼llmann for the German market. Many of my collegues used them for professional recordings in the 90s. Today Spendor is not aiming at the studio-monitor market anymore. I still do not know what a studio-monitor means. Genelec in the early days put a monitor into the freezing cold for many days, and then looked if they still were functioning well. Very important for an outside broadcasting van in Finland, and in the 1950s and 1960s Klein & Hummel were designed with a flat frequency curve in mind, but they sounded awful. I had an old collegue who told me, if it sounds great on the K+H OY, then the recording is really good. In my humble opinion the OY was the worst monitor I ever heard. I use Spendor SA350 monitors. They are at least 25 years old. No need for Klein & Hummels or nowadays Neumann KH.