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Thanks for the heads up - What is being recorded
Regarding what is being recorded in the room
Those with * have been recorded to tascam with vocals significant echo, reverb, etc,
** sounded ok
*** not recorded yet
*1. vocals via Behringer B1 Condenser mic
*2. acoustic guitar via B1 condenser mic
**3. Harmonica via B1 condenser mic
***4. Baritone Recorder via B1 condenser mic
***5. Bass Via laney RB3 mix’s to condenser b1 switched to 10db
***6. Electric 6 string via Roland Cube 60 to b1 condenser mic
*7. Drums via paired Berhinger C1s and Shure snare mic
***8. Hammond Organ mic’d to Behringer b1 condenser mic
You can try taming the reflections from you ceiling.

You can building ceiling clouds to hang/ buy acoustic panels and hangers.