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Hey guys,

thanks for the impressions of the Tannoy Gold 5s. I was wondering. Im looking for a Grottbox (NS10, Mixcube etc). Im running HEDD 20s as my main monitors (3ways) and am looking for a 2way to switch to during mixing sessions. Thing is from your description these Tannoys appear to be too good for my purpose Im really looking for a "If my mix sounds good on these (rubbish speakers) it will sound good on any system" type of speaker. Would the Tannoys work for this purpose or are they too clear / good?

Any thoughts on this? Cheers
Neah, I wouldn't recommend the Golds for something that should emulate consumer speakers, I would rather look at Yamaha HS5... small, crappy-dry sound, mid-forward, perfect for this kinda task, and you can mix pretty well too if you're too lazy to switch back at any given time. The Avantones are also suitable, but overpriced. And the NS10s...overrated and too large, why bother!?