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Old 24th January 2020
Here for the gear

Hello, I recently bought a pair of the 15” Tom Wright monitors From Miller Music here in Atlanta. They are amazing!
I believe the woofers are JBL and the tweeters are Vifa. I love Altec 604’s and was very surprised at how detailed and balanced these monitors are. If JBL made anything like this as a product they probably would have taken a bite out of the co-ax market that Altec dominated.
These speakers also have great Bass response and seem to be pretty efficient.
I kick myself because a while back I had an opportunity to purchase a smaller pair of Tom Wright monitors from Audio Lab in Atlanta.
Miller Music let me hear the 15” monitors they had and I was immediately in love!
If anyone knows anything else about the development of these monitors and the quantity of each built I would really like to know.
I am definitely a fan of Tom Wright and the amazing things he did when he was around.
RIP Tom. Your speakers give me great enjoyment whenever I listen to them.
Steve F