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Old 23rd January 2020
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The A500 is promising to be something very special, if it's basically an improved and active version of the S400 that we really like ( Buchardt Audio S400 ). Can't wait to give it a proper test drive!
I'm excited about it too, as I've been eyeing the S400 and was planning to purchase it, but this seems like the much better buy.

Though I really won't compare the two; they have similar designs and perhaps a similar tone, but from the specs and features, the A500 is in a completely different class to the S400.

I think for what they're offering, the price is great but I'd need to save up for this baby.

I'm a bit skeptical about their room correction though, as they're using iPhones to mic and measure the signals, although the correction is only applied to the low mids and sub band... I believe <250hz