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To a hacker, music folks are just another group of folks who install software on their devices
Ideally folks who can be fooled into installing software secretly loaded with botnets & such

The hack of Avast's CCleaner download server, leading to 2.3billion botnet infections should be a sombering example of what hackers can pull off

Not suggesting you need to air-gap your studio's, but on the other hand an approach of "hiding-in-the-herd" seems fool-hardy.
Oh sure - but that’s just email spam attacks. We’ve already said don’t use your work machine for email and don’t click any dodgy links.

If you avoid that, then you avoid the bots and Trojans etc.

No-one is going to manually target you the way they might target a bank or large company, which is the main reason to isolate sensitive computers. If you have your machine online but only use it for music related online use, you’ll be fine.