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@ Jeru215 thanks for your sympathy, it‘s warming!
I was one of those who fell for their marketing, with great regret...was pretty convincing at the time

Pity, I still rate DUY Valve, just wish I could use it...but for that privilege (if you could call it that) it would have cost me another €100...! Jokers. These guys are out of their minds and then some...

Many plugin businesses have come and gone, now it’s about being selective and one criteria being, will they still be in business several years from now.
Maybe I’m deluded but if I buy something I expect to be able to use it for years and years to come..
Waves, Softube, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Eventide, NI, Fabfilter, PSP... safe bets? I hope so
They are honestly just a crappy company to deal with.

They did have a massive 80% off BF sale last year but those prices should be their *standard everyday prices*, with the BF sale being an extra 50 or so percent off from that.

Their non sale prices are... well... delusional doesn't really cover it at all.. it's way past that, especially with all the competition out there.. Sure, their tape plugin can be nice to add some filthy grit, but not to be used as a serious multitrack "track to tape" plugin.. and *certainly* not with the likes of what is out there for cheaper.

A perfect example is how they want 629 EUROS for just 2 plugins.. dad tape and dad valve.

And I am just going to go ahead and say it.. that's OFFENSIVE and downright rude to even dare ask such a price for 2 outdated plugins (AND they have dropped the pro tools DSP versions to boot). Anyone who actually went and bought these for 629 or just one fo them for 399 euro needs a doctor's appointment pronto. I really believe that.. There is absolutely no reason for any human being to ever do such a thing.
Oh, I am also on the floor with their limiter for 149 euro, from 20 years ago, when you can get the whole of ozone 9 standard at that price at resellers.

They are complete and utter morons who are completely out of touch with the current audio world scene.
They certainly have some cojones on them though, that's for sure. What they must think of themselves to have a serious storefront asking those prices.. the mind boggles.

PS I just tried to find ANY recent video showing their newer plugins or heck even their "classic" ones. Said videos do not exist. People can't even be bothered to test the demos and review them (unless when they say contact us for a demo they actually don't provide one). No one is buying them and they are sticking to those prices
These are the worst business people ever. Whenever i see this topic necroed, *nothing* surprises me anymore as far as DUY are concerned