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From what I understand it's nearly all about the interfacing. The fact is the computer industry ditched firewire in favor of USB. So, what is Prism to do? Titan. Titan all-in-all is nothing but their answer to this; otherwise what would Prism have to sell in this market line? There are NO significant upgrades to it other than a few trivial things to barely justify a "new" interface beyond the way it interfaces.

I think they kinda screwed up with the Titan in that they should have kept producing the Orpheus with this new ...USB connection type, replacing the firewire connection. Instead they awkwardly crammed in essentially the same unit while leaving everyone to try figuring out what is now up and what is now down.

The Titan should have truly been a "next generation" product with some significant changes in conversion technology to offer. I don't think it should even be in production yet considering this.

I mean, they could have made the new "improved" (???) Orpheus white too if they really wanted to. ??

I'll be keeping my Orpheus for a long time to come. Especially since I've got it running through Thunderbolt 3 - "[email protected]" Titan would have me stuck back at USB 2.0.
Thanks for the info - interesting. So are you saying there's definitely a difference in the sound of the conversion between the two units? Mad if so!

Totally agree that it's baffling that they didn't just take the Orpheus and replace Firewire with USB2, keeping everything else the same, ie "Orpheus II". Frankly they'd seemingly started to build a successful brand name there too, so if nothing else would have made sense from a marketing point of view! To take this further, but probably a flight of fancy, in an ideal world we would have been able to send our Orpheus' into Prism to get the PC I/O swapped out.