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I've had such basic desktop PC's that have lasted me years without slowing down - I genuienly believe this was due to never being online.
Highly unlikely at best. Programs don't run slower simply by being online.

2) Shall i refrain from installing any Windows Updates?
If you're on Windows 10, good luck w/that.

I only have one system so it's always online, unless I'm going to be away for more than the bulk of the day. No AV installed. When I had Windows 7 (which I miss - sigh), never updated. No viruses yet, spanning years and years. I don't go to questionable sites (the candidates should be fairly obvious, porn and the like) and anything I download, regardless of where, gets virus scanned before I install. A lot of people are way overly paranoid about viruses, but common sense will eliminate the likelihood of getting any almost to zero (knock on wood ).