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Old 21st January 2020
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Come on man, we are all trying to be civilised here.

I have been doing exactly that my entire career, choosing microphones, placement, mic preamps, even cables (...). I have done the same tests with my gear concerning samplerates, the only discernable difference I got was recording at 32 KHz

How dare you come here, question well known and understood science as if you are onto something new, vomiting a continuous train of invalid thoughts, and then proposing how we should organize ourselves to start and make decent recordings ?

I am really starting to ask myself if you can even find the right side of a microphone or, dare I say it, find the record button.

I put you on my ignore list, so won't be responding to your uterlly useless posts anymore. If someone on the forum would point out to me that you have read and studied some stuff, maybe I'll read your posts again ... Bye.