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Old 21st January 2020
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You’ve already made your intentions clear, So you’ve already mad up your mind and was basically seeking approval from the quorum. I’ve already said that getting rid of the drummer or moving on we’re the two best options for obvious reasons...he can, and will probably still be too loud on a smaller kit, and it’s pretty obvious he does not like playing electric pads, which is absolutely NOT the same as an acoustic pad by the way...but hey.

If you can’t work with things the way they are you can’t, but I sense that this gives you the opportunity to stick up the band and that there is more to this than just the drummer being loud.
Couple of things. Drummer originally agreed to go e-drums. These people are my friends. I have NO intention of sticking it to anybody and will continue to play if he decides to keep the monster kit. I just will not do sound - and that is the issue. It is ENTIRELY the issue. If I have to work that hard for this outfit - then I get my way. If I just have to show up and play- then whatever - its not ME doing sound. It still matters, but I'm not running things.

Buddy - you seem to think I want to screw somebody over. I have a PASSION for sound. A reputation in the city for quality work. I put the MUSIC ahead of everything including myself. His ****ing kit takes over an hour to set up and is HUGE - and you have not replied to that. It is NOT appropriate - and this is my last post. He was warned that this was an issue and that it would return. There will be no surprises next week at the meeting. I have voiced my displeasure many times to no avail. I an not using a double Marshall stack with 2 100 watt heads in a club with 40 people. He is. End.