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Think about it this way - if you increase your sample rate you increase your time domain accuracy and capture frequencies only bats will appreciate but you will also capture more data (sample more accurately) where your signals are placed in the time domain BUT that won’t make sense to you if you only think about your signals in terms of frequency response. If you can’t get past that then send in your gimp with the gif of Alice In Wonderland and i will go back to reading Chopra (0:
If you cant get past the common knowledge that the time domain accuracy of 44.1 k sampling rate is much higher than the samplerate, you can just stop here.

Go outside and buy a book and then study it !

For the really hardheaded in here: do you really think a 20khz sine wave can only be sampled in ONE position ? So you are really arguing that the phase shift of a AD converter is up to 90 or even 180 degrees ? Did any of you look at the video posted above ? The guy even goes so far to use 100% analogue oscilloscopes to prove to all foolish harts out there that there is time resolution BETWEEN the sample points !

In short: if you increase samplerate you increase bandwidth, NOT the time resolution within the previous audio band.