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Old 21st January 2020
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Some of the best sounding gigs I’ve heard over the past decades used little or no PA, didn’t use amp simulators and did use REAL acoustic of those bands didn’t even have a mic mFor the lead singer and the sound was glorious. Talented musicians who can play with control and precision is the key, and the idea that musicians don’t need to be happy with the gear they use is ludicrous at best...try playing a guitar with programmed buttons instead of strings and see how well that works and feels.

I suspect the problem is two fold and we’re only getting one side of the story here. The solution is pretty obvious and simple...get rid of the drummer or walk, and maybe one day you’ll get to play with a band that won’t need IEMs or a PA. Chances are, if the drummer can’t play with control, he probably won’t sound good in a stadium either.
Ok - best sounding - right in front of the a club that fits 30 people? Or in a noisy environment with people talking at 85 DB? Or at a concert with 10,000 people? Or in a acoustically treated room, with a quiet attentive audience? We are a rock band, playing bars. We are not a string quartet in a great hall. Precision or not - we need a PA. Of course there are 2 sides to every story - but I am a professional sound tech, 35 years experience working Chamber, jazz, blues, talking, and everything in-between. Yes, IMHO it more ludicrous to bring a concert sized drum kit into a room with 40 people, than to compromise for this gig for the sake of the audience and the music. In the appropriate room, I have no issues with the big kit - in fact I love it. Your analogy is stupid. e-drums are still drums. A guitar with buttons is called an autoharp....but whatever - I'm sure that Bruce Springsteen plays concerts with no monitors, amps or a PA.