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Right. When they're added it's ONE signal. ONE waveform.
This is also physical reality and 100% analogue in the actual room of air. Of course already when recorded via a duo of microphone diaphragms there is some alterations being made. Maybe it's those stereo aspects @ Tom Barnaby is after, but as far as I know this has already been addressed many times over and 44.1 kHz does not have time domain issues as far as I know. Which is not a reason to not test nor does it mean under certain limitations there couldn't be such issues, but I think not for the reason of bandwidth limitations.

Just to make it clear, @ Tom Barnaby disbelieves 44.1 kHz reproduction in the consumer format and not only recording of signals. It's way easier to argue for the merits of oversampled recordings, but maybe not for "time domain" reasons. My take is that it makes it easier to mix and if you mix in oversampled territory it makes sense to record with the same sample rate. None of that suggests consumer formats need the same sample rate in order to be able to reproduce the final mix.

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