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it will never perform the same as a legit k870/87/67 unless it was manufactured by Neumann.

Not sure what "a higher quality chinese capsule" really means, but it's a counterfeit item if it's a Neumann Mic with an undisclosed aftermarket capsule that was not a direct replacement from neumann. full stop.

you can get a mic with a decent chinese capsule for a few hundred bucks.. but in no way does that make it worth what you would charge for a u87.
I'm not arguing that it's not a fraudulent sale. I'm just saying if it's cheap enough, which in this case it isn't, I might just consider keeping it around myself. It would have to be around the same as the Peluso clone for me to want to keep it around (so they'd probably have to discount it like $1000, assuming they wanted something like $2200 to start, which I'm aware is pretty low for a U87ai). I don't know what price the seller requested.

Now, I'm not saying the OP should be okay with that. I'm just saying that if it ends up being the same price as a popular clone, I'd consider keeping it around.