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Originally Posted by Tom Barnaby View Post
You made me having a doubt, so I just made a listening comparison between a song recorded at 96 khz and another from a 44.1 khz CD. The more I listen to them and the more I hear the difference.
It sounds like you compared two different recordings, that is, different songs, artists or actual recording sessions. If this is the case the test is of zero value, Tom.

It'd be difficult-enough to discern any differences using carefully-controlled, scientific A/B techniques, let alone when comparing two entirely-different recordings.

Originally Posted by Tom Barnaby View Post
44.1 khz sampling means a sampling point every 20 ms or so . Is it right ?
No, it's every 0.023ms, Tom, approximately 1/50th of a ms. Huge difference.

Originally Posted by haysonics View Post
If that missing information is higher frequencies than we can hear then its not an issue but if it is also missing amplitudes then you have a problem that upping the bit depth wont fix.
It is information of higher frequency than we can hear, mate; the "useless" stuff is filtered out before the sampling takes place.