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Originally Posted by CrankyChris View Post
I didn't know until I sent the mic to be evaluated/serviced by Neumann until 10 months later, well beyond the return period so I have no legal standing.
Don't be so quick to say that you have no legal standing.

Where do you live, and where is the seller's business?

Just b/c Reverb's return policy has run out, that does not mean the statute of limitations has run out on a fraudulent sale. In fact, I believe in this case it would be 2 yrs from receipt of the merchandise.

And the switched capsule argument is BS. Does it take 10 mos to swap a capsule? You can receive the mic on Monday morn, swap the capsule Monday afternoon, and on Monday eve, request a return for an incorrect capsule. Don't let, oh, you could have... stand in your way.

Talk to a lawyer, and see what they say. If you are in the USA, you have a free option here.