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I have recorded a number of these "sound bath" things with the bowls, the bells and whatnot. And I agree, loud as hell. IMO, the most representative sound is going to be the sound you get from a distance. That's what they are for- resonating out into the space.
It's funny.. I was browsing GS looking for advice on recording my bowls.. considering messaging you before hand.. just to come across an interesting thread where you provide the most insightful advice (imo)

From what I've found on Youtube.. Recording singing bowls seems to go well when recorded with 2 methods.
1. dual stereo mics between 1-3 feet above the bowls being played on the floor
2. each bowl mic'd with a small diaphragm dynamic mic just above the 'lip' of the bowl. (I'd like to mention that I've only seen this successfully performed during sessions where the person playing taps the bowls.. not while 'playing' it by running around the edge)

Recording too close while Playing them in the last manner I mentioned is a good way to capture the sound of your mallet's felt as well.. not quite as pleasant as the sound of the bowls themselves..